Big Vert – Training Update

Wow what a couple of weeks it’s been! Over the past 14 days I’ve run 5 times, racking up over 19,000 vertical feet in about 35 miles. Last week’s 10,700′ was my personal record for vert in a week, and this week I hit 8,500′ as an encore. I’m also over 15,000′ for May already, with 21 days to go, closing in on my personal record of 24,800′ in a month (June 2012, measured by GPS notorious for grossly overestimating vert).

That being said, this morning’s “run” up the Old Si trail was an absolute sufferfest. I wasn’t even breathing hard but could barely run a step, thanks to thoroughly fatigued jelly-legs. With these amazing, unprecedented two weeks behind me, I’ve promised myself to take this coming week off of big-vert running and get in some quick, cardio-building road miles. With 80º sunshine in the forecast, it’ll be hard to resist hitting some summits, but I know I need the break. Hopefully some flat running will give my climbing muscles a chance to recover and will help build up some of the  true running muscles I’ve been neglecting with all this steep speed-hiking work.


Sunday 4/27 – Mailbox Peak with Jordan

4.8 miles, 4060′, 2:14 (pics in last ‘blog post)

1:22:30 up, 51:30 down

Elevation Profile, Mailbox Peak

Elevation Profile, Mailbox Peak

Thursday 5/1 – 2X Chirico Trail (Tiger Mountain)

6.7 miles, 3260′, 1:39

31:25 up, 20:42 down, 30:23 up, 16:51 down (my 2nd best descent all-time)

Elevation Profile, 2X Chirico

Elevation Profile, 2X Chirico

Saturday 5/3 – Old Si Trail (my first time!) with Jordan

5.5 miles, 3370′, 1:37

1:03:26 up, 34:00 down

Elevation Profile, Old Si 5/3

Elevation Profile, Old Si 5/3

Tuesday 5/6 – 3X Chirico Trail (Tiger Mountain)

9.9 miles, 4940′, 2:30

31:38 up, 20:04 down, 30:52 up, 19:35 down, 30:50 up, 17:04 down (each repeat faster than last)

Elevation Profile, 3X Chirico

Elevation Profile, 3X Chirico

Saturday 5/10 – Old Si Trail (+ a bit extra along summit ridge) with Jordan

6.1 miles, 3580′, 1:56

1:08:36 up, 38:18 down

Elevation Profile, Old Si 5/10

Elevation Profile, Old Si 5/10


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